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About EBC

EBC is the advanced payments network and domestic operator connecting consumers, businesses, merchants, financial institutions and supporting the Egyptian government. EBC collaborates with all stakeholders to offer a seamless interoperable payment experience.


123 Shared Cash Network

123 Shared Cash Network is a state-of-the-art secured infrastructure connecting all ATMs and cash points across Egypt. The network accepts all types of cards including credit, prepaid, governmental and private sector payroll and pension. Established back in 1997, “123 shared cash network” serves now as the national switch connecting all banks in addition the Egyptian Post and the Agricultural Bank..

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Automated Clearing house Network "EG-ACH"

The “Egyptian Automatic Clearing House” or the “ACH” is an electronic funds transfer system governed by the Egyptian Banks Company (EBC) under the supervision of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). The national system enables automation of bank transfers via a national secured platform. The inter-bank clearing of transactions among participating financial institutions is performed through the exchange of electronic transactions in batches of Direct Debit and Direct Credit payment Instructions.

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Meeza is the domestic card scheme and the favorite payment method for government bills, in-store purchases and e-commerce. More than 16 million cardholders in Egypt enjoy a seamless and convenient payment experience using “Meeza” cards..

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