Our Brand

Our Brand embodies what we
stand for. It represents our
heritage, values, expertise
and passion for payments.

Our Brand tells our success
stories and inspires our future

We have delivered successful brands for several cash displacements in the Egyptian market, each has its unique personality, yet our brands share one key attribute; continuous evolvement spurred by three key drivers:


Our purpose is to reimagine electronic payments in a continuous quest for better and seamless payments for all Egyptians. We collaborate with our ecosystem to accelerate the shift towards cashless payments.
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People-Centric Innovation

Customers are central to our business. We believe innovation is the way to empower people with a host of possibilities for a better life. We believe business needs lead to large value payment systems.
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Delivering Impact

We exist to make a positive difference across our surroundings; our economy, society and environment. Our success is defined by the sustainable impact of our business

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