123 Shared Cash Network

The National Switch

123 Shared Cash Network is a state-of-the-art secured infrastructure connecting all ATMs and cash points across Egypt. The network accepts all types of cards including credit, prepaid, governmental and private sector payroll and pension. Established back in 1997, “123 shared cash network” serves now as the national switch connecting all banks in addition the Egyptian Post and the Agricultural Bank.

  • 40 banks
  • More than 50 million cards
  • 297 million transactions
  • 272 billion EGP
  • 16k ATMs
  • More than 10k cash points
  • 24/7 network availability
  • 100% Secured



123 Network offers convenience for retail customers granting 24/7 secured access to their funds. The network connects more than 16,000 ATM and 10,000 cash withdrawal point across Egypt. The 123 network accepts more that 50 million card of various types including debit, credit, prepaid, in addition to government and private sector payroll and pension cards.

123 Network also serves international cardholders as a gateway for international and regional networks, covering the Chinese network “CUP”, the Japanese network “JCB”, the MasterCard network, the Diner Club network, the American Express network and the Visa network.

International Standards

In addition to convenience and availability, the “123” network offers a fully secured experience. Adopting the global standard specifications and patterns by accepting plastic cards and by running mobile payment services, the 123 network is compliant with:

  • 1. ISO 8583 standards.
  • 2. Smart Card Technology (EMV).
  • 3. Plastic Card Security Patterns (PCI-DSS)



ISO 8583 standards
(Iso 8583)


Smart Card Technology


Plastic Card Security Patterns