About Automated Clearing House (EG-ACH)

Discover the ACH

The “Egyptian Automatic Clearing House” or the “ACH” is an electronic funds transfer system governed by the Egyptian Banks Company (EBC) under the supervision of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). The national system enables automation of bank transfers via a national secured platform.  The inter-bank clearing of transactions among participating financial institutions is performed through the exchange of electronic transactions in batches of Direct Debit and Direct Credit payment Instructions.

  • 40 banks supported
  • 280 million transactions
  • 7.5 trillion EGP
  • More than 4000 companies benefit from the CorPay
  • 100% availability
  • 100% Secured


The Interbank

The ACH platform in increasingly supporting banks’ creative offerings. Many products were possible via the ACH such as transfer to individual and corporate products, salary transfer and supplier payment. The “direct debit” also represents an ideal solution for electronic collection of invoices and installments. The solution renders ease and speed of electronic collection by direct debiting bank.

For the government sector, the ACH also held a lot of potential; allowing the automation of bank transfers either for distribution of government salaries and pensions or for suppliers’ payments.


Financial Inclusion

The ACH has become an indispensable mechanism for the banking sector to foster financial inclusion in line with the directions of the Central Bank of Egypt. Several initiatives were availed via the ACH:


  • Automation of government payroll and pension
  • National Social Insurance Authority beneficiaries’ refunds service
  • National Social Insurance Authority beneficiaries’ rigid amounts service
  • Corporate Payments Service “CorPay”
  • Automation of government payments to suppliers