Instant Payment Network

Instant Payment Network, Egypt’s Unique Real-Time, Mobile Enabled System

In line with the vision of the Central Bank of Egypt towards a less-cash dependent society, EBC succeeded in rolling out a host of cash displacement.

The CBE’s enlightened vision went beyond the horizon capitalizing on the penetration of mobile users and the rise of fintech’s to launch a whole ecosystem that connects banks, consumers and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to enable instant fund transfers 24/7 between onboarded banks through the PSP’s and banks digital channels.

In 2020, the CBE issued a mandate requiring all banks operating in Egypt to support the Instant Payment Network (IPN), which was launched less than two years later by EBC, being the operator of the national payment infrastructures.

With digital interoperability at the core of its infrastructure, the Instant Payment Network (IPN) comes with a unique real-time transfer enabled system.  

A State-of-the Art
Empowering users

IPN allows users to transfer money instantly, giving them access to multiple sources of funds instead of using Payment Service Providers (PSP’s) or their banks digital channels. The network is designed for instant transactions between bank accounts, wallets, cards and Payment Service Providers (PSPs). In short, the IPN connects all banks operating in Egypt through a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure supporting future integration with FinTech’s, to deliver a unique payment experience and empower users.

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