Payment Possibilities

Processing Solutions

Emerging technologies have
reshaped financial services

Payments particularly, is epicenter to such transformation posing new challenges for banks to keep up to pace with innovation while optimizing operational cost.

In line with our strategic partnership with the banking system in Egypt, and driven with the commitment towards financial inclusion and affordable financial services, “Payment Processing Solutions” offer banks a host of reliable payment processing services capitalizing on robust and secured technological platforms.   

Reliable and Secured payment
processing solutions for BANKS

We help banks stay ahead with
their payment services…offering
customized payment processing
solutions, cutting down cost and
time to market.

Card Management Services

Issuer Gateway
Card Processing
Fraud Management System
Access Control Server (ACS)

ATM & Payment Infrastructure

ATM Driving
ATM Management
E- Commerce Gateway

CorPay Solution

Join more than 5000 leading
corporations counting on CorPay

CorPay offers acceptance across all payment
methods spanning bank accounts, payment
cards and mobile wallets.

A customizable web-based solution 
supporting corporate payments with
tremendous efficiencies across a range of services:

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