Meeza Cards

MEEZA Card Scheme
created a unique
ecosystem in Egypt

MEEZA is the domestic card payment scheme of Egypt and the efficient payment method for government bills, in-store and online purchases. Crafting a unique brand which is a translation to the word “Advantage”, Meeza succeeded in creating a unique ecosystem in Egypt offering card holders acceptance at ATMs, POS’, leading e-merchants and government accounting points.

Discover MEEZA … the
financial inclusion

Embracing the state vision aiming at fostering financial inclusion and transforming the economy into becoming less cash dependent, the National Payment Council issued a decree in 2017 to establish a national payment scheme. The scheme serves as a platform supporting financial inclusion and government initiatives. In line with the CBE directives, EBC has been entrusted with the mission to develop and operate a Domestic Payment Scheme with a national brand for payment cards “Meeza”.

More than 35 million
cardholders in Egypt enjoy a seamless and convenient payment experience using “Meeza” cards.

Issuer Banks
0 M
0 M
Acquirer Banks
0 %
0 B
EGP in Value

ISO 8583 standards
(Iso 8583)

Smart Card
Technology (EMV)

Contactless smart card technology (EMV)

Plastic Card Security Patterns (PCI-DSS)

access to

One Card for all
Payment Schemes

Leading the domestic market with a rapidly growing card holder base, Meeza keeps up to pace with the evolving customer needs offering innovative products and inter-scheme acceptance. To remain ahead, Meeza’s next generation will embrace tokenization and an enhanced e-commerce experience.

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