About Us

At a glance

EBC is the advanced payments network and domestic operator connecting consumers, businesses, merchants, financial institutions and supporting the Egyptian government. EBC collaborates with all stakeholders to offer a seamless interoperable payment experience.

EBC supports financial inclusion initiatives to provide more individuals and businesses domestically with an access to useful and affordable financial services and payment possibilities. With continued support of its shareholders, led by the CBE and leading Egyptian banks, EBC leverages every potential to accelerate adoption of electronic payment and enable the national transformation into a cashless society.

Since 1995, EBC has been building, modernizing and operating domestic payment infrastructure. And as it progresses into the third decade, it has emerged as the enabler of interoperable, flawless and secure payment experience across payment networks and schemes.

Our legacy

  • 1995

    Establishment of EBC to build and operate interbank networks and infrastructure

  • 1997

    Inauguration of 123 Shared Cash ATM Network

  • 2003

    Offering value added services to support the banking sector

  • 2008

    Payment of governmental payroll via plastic cards

  • 2010

    Establishment of the ACH as a national network for interbank clearing

  • 2013

    Payment via mobile wallets first introduced in Egypt

  • 2014

    Activation of government subsidy scheme for bread and supplies via ACH

  • 2015

    Launching project for payment of pension for banked pensioners

  • 2016

    Automation of imports “form 4” for improved control over importation

  • 2017

    Launching “Tahweel” Network for mobile wallets

  • 2018

    Inauguration of Meeza National Payment Scheme

  • 2019

    Rolling out Meeza Governmental Acceptance

  • 2020

    Meeza issued cards exceed 10 million

  • 2020

    Enablement of ACH-Wallet transfer

  • 2021

    Launch the Instant Payment Network

How do we create value

Well positioned at the heart of the national payment ecosystem, EBC provides more individuals and businesses with an access to convenient and affordable financial services. It continuously invests in modernizing the domestic payment infrastructure to offer all Egyptian seamless payment possibilities via banks and service providers. It brings value to all stakeholders through harnessing technology, fueling innovation and fostering collaboration within the e-payment landscape.

E-payment aspirations

We strive to be the nucleus of the national payment ecosystem, supporting financial inclusion and the transformation into a less cash society.

We enable instant, seamless, interoperable and secure payment experience to the payment ecosystem and continuously leverage innovation and world’s best practice.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Rami Abulnaga

    Chairman of the Board – Central Bank of Egypt

  • Eng. Tarek Raouf

    Executive Chairman & CEO

  • Eng. Ayman Hussein

    Board Member – Central Bank of Egypt

  • Eng. Ihab Nasr

    Board Member – Central Bank of Egypt

  • Eng. Zakeya Ibrahim

    Board Member – Central Bank of Egypt

  • Mr. Tamer El-Dakkak

    Board Member – Central Bank of Egypt

  • Mr. Ihab Dorra

    Board Member – Banque Misr

  • Eng. Khaled Mohamed Abdallah

    Board Member – National Bank of Egypt

  • Ms. Azza Abbas

    Board Member – National Investment Bank

  • Mr. Mohamed Niazy

    Board Member – National Investment Bank