EBC’s leader speaks at PAFIX, Cairo ICT 2023

EBC’s leader speaks at PAFIX

EBC’s leader speaks at PAFIX, Cairo ICT 2023, Marking the 3rd day of ICT II, with the payments veteran Eng. Ahmed Rabea, EBC’s Executive Manager, as a panellist on the topic of “AI Potential to Revolutionize the Way We Pay”.

Among other interesting insights, Rabea highlighted the great potential AI offers the payments industry in the continuous enhancement of both user experience and data protection, thus offering the end user a seamless and secured payment experience versus traditional methods.

Joining him on the panel were Mr. Shady Dagher (Areeba), Mr. Islam Zikry (CIB), Ms. Cynthia Saab (VISA) and Mr. Ali El Attar (Microsoft), this compelling discussion captivated the audience thanks to the diversity of the panellists and their unique perspectives coming from different professional backgrounds with the mutual interest of advancing the way consumers pay.

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