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EBC embraces change in an evolving landscape and promotes innovation across the national payment ecosystem, Digital technologies have raised the bar for the payments industry offering many opportunities and empowering end user with infinite choices. 

EBC capitalizes on its agile operating model and state of the art infrastructure to embrace the latest in payment technologies with an eye of upping customer experience therefor supporting higher conversion to the use of electronic payment channels. From the legacy of paper check, to Automated Clearing House (ACH) to the real-time payments, from cash, to cashless and contactless payments, EBC has and will continue driving innovation and delivering milestone shifts in the domestic payments industry.  

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EBC has implemented a rigorous governance and quality management system to ensure the reliability of national payment systems .The reliability of payments systems is critical to the stability of the financial system and national economy, and is equally important to build trust and confidence from our stakeholders.

Payment systems reliability and quality are governed and gauged across various indicators:
  • System capacity and ability to handle increasingly large and frequent volume of transactions alongside ambitious capacity planning.
  • Processing speed constantly upped in line with the international standards of each payment system.
  • Availability and resilience of payments infrastructure through ensuring the 24/7 availability of all schemes backed with tested readiness and recovery from any type of disruption.
  • Interoperability & Integration to ensure inclusion of the diverse payment ecosystem across networks, systems and platforms.
  • Compliance & Security through effective governance and oversight, regulatory supervision and most importantly organizational awareness.
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The principle of interoperability is fundamental to EBC vision and strategy for National Payment Systems .A robust payments environment entails offering the end user a variety of payment conduits,

while ensuring seamless transactions within each scheme and among different networks,

thus enabling interoperability and integration among the entire ecosystem.  In line with the CBE’s vision for national payments, EBC is entrusted with payment systems interoperability on various levels:
  • Individual scheme level among members.
  • Parallel scheme interoperability
  • Networks interoperability and cross-border payments.
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National Capabilities

EBC continues to bring safer, easier and faster payment systems while building national capabilities to develop, operate and enhance payment systems.

In line with the objectives of the National Payments Council and the Central Bank of Egypt,

EBC diligently works on building and bolstering national capabilities necessary for the competitive payment services market.  As it acts as a catalyst for innovation in payments, EBC has a sharp focus on capacity building in terms of human capital, technical capabilities and agile processes. EBC thrives on building national capabilities for the payments industry through four main enablers:
  • Instilling effective innovation as a core value.
  • Investing in building digital capabilities.
  • Fostering collaboration across the payment’s ecosystem.
  • Offering platforms for innovation and open banking systems.
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