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Working to Our Standards and Business Conduct

As we perform our business, we stand by our business conduct and make sure our business partners holds an equivalent commitment and promote the same standards.

Carrying out all their duties to the highest standards of quality and professionalism and in full adherence to EBC’s corporate values. Such conduct shall be exhibited when dealing with line management, colleagues, co-workers, service providers and customers, work with a team spirit, adhere to policies, procedures & instructions approved by the company management and consistently keep EBC a healthy, safe, professional and violence-free work environment.

Preserve their own professional image and show highest level of integrity towards EBC by refraining to work under the influence of any anaesthetic substances. Employees and business partners (or related external parties) shall protect the company’s material and immaterial assets and properly documents all EBC business records. Employees and service providers or partners’ employees are prohibited from using the EBC’s name, facilities or relationships for personal benefits or for outside work purposes.

As stipulated in EBC’s Disclosure Policy, only official & authorized delegate/s from EBC’s management are allowed to issue or announce public statements for press, social media or any other media. Also, no pages maybe created in the name of EBC on social media except via EBC’s authorized personnel.

EBC does not tolerate behaviours that are discriminatory, harassing, disrespectful, or otherwise degrading to individual dignity. EBC is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in traditionally under-privileged groups and assuring their fair employment opportunities.

EBC has no tolerance for any behaviour or action that makes those who work for or with EBC feel inferior, humiliated or threatened.

All EBC employees are not allowed to undertake any other work additional to their job at EBC by themselves or through other parties whether full or part time, with or without remuneration while serving as a staff member of EBC, unless prior approval is obtained from EBC’s authorized Management.

All employees and employees of related external parties must protect the company information assets and they should read, comprehend and abide by EBC’s relevant Information Security policies & procedures.

EBC employees are highly committed to protecting the company’s third parties and customers’ data against all type of breaches, and in case of suspicion of breach, EBC Information Security Team shall be contacted immediately to investigate the incident.

EBC shall understand and follow all the applicable bribery and corruption laws that apply in the country; including The Egyptian Anti-Bribery Law, The Egyptian Penal Code, Articles from 103 to 111 addressing bribery provisions (and their updates).

EBC Strictly prohibits retaliation against any employee for reporting or inquiring in good faith about another employee or related party believed to have conducted an unlawful activity or act. EBC considers such reporting, inquiring, or participating to be protected activities in which all employees may freely engage in.

The scope of application of this policy includes all employees of Egyptian Banks Company as well as family members of the employee of the first degree.

The policy ensures compliance with all current and future laws and instructions of the Central Bank of Egypt related to this matter.

  • No employee can accept any gifts or hospitality from service providers, consultants or auditors, in order to perform or refrain from performing certain work.
  • It is not allowed to accept or offer gifts or entertainment during the process of a competitive bid or tender exercise which could have, or which could be viewed as having any influence on the outcome of such competitive bid or tender.
  • EBC employees shall not take or offer any gifts, give any hospitality, provide sponsorship or make any charitable donation that could affect the judgement or independence of others or could be interpreted that way.
  • Vendors, External parties and EBC business partners have the responsibility of being aware and acknowledging of EBC’s Gift Policy and abide to it before, during and after the end of the business relationship.
  • In case of incidents that violates the Gift Policy, any Gift/Hospitality is to be rejected.
  • EBC adopts and implements conflict of Interest policy that serves as a cornerstone of its commitment to integrity and transparent decision-making. The policy ensures that individuals associated with our organization act in its best interest, free from personal interests that could compromise our mission. By addressing potential conflicts head-on, EBC maintains a culture of transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct, safeguarding our reputation and the trust of those we serve.
  • All company’s employees are keen to disclose any suspicion or conflict of interest to the concerned parties, and senior management members and managers should ensure that all employees of the company understand and adhere to conflict of interest policy.

1.1                 Whistle-Blowing

Whistle-Blowing is the disclosure by an employee of information which relates to some danger, fraud or other illegal or unethical conduct connected within the workplace. The aim of the Whistle-Blowing Policy is to enable EBC staff to raise their concerns internally in a confidential and protected manner without the fear of retaliation. It allows potentially damaging, dangerous or embarrassing matters to be dealt with and resolved internally. EBC encourages its business partners, service providers and related external parties to understand (and use when applicable) EBC’s Whistle-Blowing.

1.2   Right Channels to raise a concern

EBC always encourages its employees to speak up and facilitates all possible channels for that. EBC has a dedicated team and email for receiving whistle-blower cases via different channels including a hardcopy letter, email and/or phone call as availed for the EBC employees, while ensuring confidentiality of its content.

The Company will protect staff members and relevant external parties, who in good faith blow the whistle on irregularities, from workplace retaliation, i.e. any negative impact on their current position or their future career path, even if the reported violation proved to be unfounded.

Whistle-Blowing cases will be kept confidential and the company is committed to protecting the anonymity of the Whistle-Blower, subject to Legal restrictions.     

It is in the interest of both the company and all employees that those who speak out and follow the procedures receive adequate protection and remain anonymous.

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